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Real Happiness with Microtek’s Hi-End Sine Wave Inverters: User’s Feedback

Nowadays, there are lots of sensitive and costly electronic appliances we found in the households across India. These sensitive equipments include: New generation Air conditioners, Televisions, Plasma TV, Music Systems, DVDs, Microwave ovens, Washing Machines and Refrigerators. You call it and we get these all. Well, it is unfortunate that none of these apparatus can […] Read more


Standalone Power System: A Solar Way to Reduce Expense (Part-2)

The inverter battery pack: In industry, the basic part of recommendation, which is not followed, is the utilization of parallel battery banks. Dissimilar to the parallel solar module arrays these is not good concepts provided the irregular cycles of charge and discharge which home utilization powers on batteries. It implies that there is a bigger […] Read more

True Sine Wave Inverter: The Ideal Power Converter

Once in a while, you need to get a big task for doing; you require power to finish it. Yet, only because you have got the approach to much power does not essentially mean that the kind of power which you have access to is similar with the equipment which you require for running. The […] Read more

Grid-Tied Inverters: In A Nutshell

Grid-tied inverters are the primary element in a renewable grid-tied energy system. This type of inverter in India most broadly utilized in PV (Photovoltaic) systems. Photovoltaic systems use solar panels and are the most effective and known form of renewable energy system. The term, grid-tied implies that the home is still joined with the local […] Read more


True Sine Wave Inverter: Worth Every Rupee

While deciding to buy a home inverter, buyers surely have a lot of options today. Your plans of using it and the size of the system you require do not matter actually, you just need to decide between options and different features. At first people feel shy to buy a pure sine wave inverter, yet […] Read more


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