Voltage Stabilizers Ensure a Safe Power Supply

Power fluctuation is a concern in every household, in both urban and rural locations. Continuous voltage ups and downs can damage your electrical appliances and destroys normal life. This fluctuation even can cause damage to the internal functionality of the appliances. Voltage stabilizers help check this fluctuation, which means if the voltage varies or fluctuates, […] Read more

The Demand for UPS Systems is growing in India & Abroad: Know Why

In accordance with one of the reports, the Global UPS market is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 8.61% from the year 2014 to 2019. By the year 2020, it is calculated to reach $5.52 billion. In India, the UPS industry also has encountered a constant development over the last decade. Considering the matter […] Read more

Sep, 26, 2016




Microtek MDP800+ Line Interactive UPS: Double Power Protection with 2 Batteries

It is completely frustrating when you find your PC switching off suddenly while you are just about to finish your project. As soon as there is a power cut, it becomes really hard to finish your project. Microtek MDP800+ line interactive UPS shields your computer and helps work efficiently and smoothly. It not just saves […] Read more

Microtek TGE1000+ Line Interactive UPS: Intelligent UPS for Intelligent People

Power blackouts and surges affect our appliances’ performance. Generally, a UPS system helps provide power backup in case of power failures. For extending their life span and also avoiding damage, a constant voltage is needed for being maintained. Microtek brings you a top-notch UPS with 2 years of warranty. It’s ideal design with the dimensions […] Read more

Consider Solar Inverter Manufacturers as the Strength of Modern Times

Saving the atmosphere has become a major interest of all people in the world. Power conservation is an essential feature of the conservation of atmosphere. Solar energy has already proven itself to be an important source to meet the power needs of today’s world. Gone are the days when because of efficient technology, harnessing solar […] Read more

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