Ways of Designing & Converting Electricity from High to Low Voltage

There are many types of power supply. Most are designed to convert high voltage AC mains electricity to a suitable low voltage supply for electronic circuits and other devices. Batteries are the source of DC voltage but usually the actual DC voltage source is a power supply. A more reliable method of obtaining DC power […] Read more

Do You Care For Your Sensitive Appliances?

Life is fast and advance these days. Everything you do depends on your electronics devices. Now electronics home appliances devices is key to everything and its part of in your life. Then why did you sure that they remain safe and protected? Yes, you need to safe your electronics devices from the power fluctuation. Electronics devices which […] Read more

How to Establish a Stable and Efficient Connection for Your Inverter

All inverter users understand now the importance of making sure a solid power connection between an inverter and a power source, or between an inverter and the electrical equipment to be used. If you don’t connect your inverter properly, it won’t achieve the ultimate efficiency. Additionally, it grows the risk of electrocution and short circuit, […] Read more

Oct, 07, 2016



Common Safety and Protection Features of an Inverter

Inverters are the electronic equipment which changes over the Direct Current from solar panels and inverter batteries into Alternating Current. They provide a cost-effective power solution for people who require using several devices easily as they reduce the requirement of buying the DC balanced of basic home appliances and electrical devices. Inverters are lighter and […] Read more


All You Need to Know About Inverters and Power Surge Rating

While buying an inverter, one of the common mistakes done by people is not accounting for the power surge rating of the devices they are planning on using. As an outcome, even if the inverter has the proper ability to support a specific device’s running power, both the device and the inverter still deny starting. […] Read more


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