What You Need to Know About UPS Battery Backup

The battery is an integral part of a UPS system and has a big impact on its capacity and dependability to offer power protection. It is highly essential to maintain your battery, particularly as this is what will safeguard the critical load in a condition like a power failure or blackout. A battery has a […] Read more


Microtek SUNNOX Solar Bi-Directional Hybrid 3KVA/48V PCU: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking of installing home solar power plant for saving your electricity bill, then you are just doing the perfect investment. The power failure has become common in Indian scenario and so, using solar energy is the correct decision for you. You only need to pay the installation charge and after that, you […] Read more


Battery Tips To Follow On Ensuring Optimum Performance of Your Inverter

We already know that inverters are unable to produce their own power. They just convert direct current from a power source like a battery into alternating current. So, you can use standard home appliances as well as power tools which run on alternating current in spite of being located off the electricity grid. As such, […] Read more

Top 3 Tips on Finding Reliable Inverter Manufacturers in India

Finding reliable inverter manufacturers in India can be a laborious task since there are many of them spread all over the country. While planning to buy an electric inverter, it is essential to look for manufacturers who can fulfill your needs. For doing this, you should be familiar with not only the products but also […] Read more

Accomplish Better Performance with Solar Home UPS

Solar UPS is the most profitable alternative to the traditional source of electricity. It is also one of the most eco-friendly and cleanest energy production systems. This system is operated by solar power and can be used for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. Before discussing the solar inverter and battery, let us first know what […] Read more


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