Producing electricity with solar power at home is no more a myth, as solar technology has received a new development. Nevertheless, not all houses require domestic solar power production. The following situations indicate your home is suitable for this type of power production. So, by learning these situations, you canContinue Reading
Power outages are a hassle and interfere the daily life. If you are seeking a usage home inverter for coping up with outages, then Microtek Jumbo UPS JM 2000 is just perfect for you. Available at a reasonable price, this UPS supports every type of appliance. It is totally noiselessContinue Reading
Load shedding is a way of distributing demand for electricity across many power sources. Load shedding is utilised for relieving stress on the main energy source when demand for electrical power is greater than the main power source can implement. Many buildings, with the inclusion of data centres, buy electricalContinue Reading
Sometimes the UPS batteries in the UPS unit systems fails to hold a charge or its dead somehow. In that particular time, UPS unit systems actually start to beep very loudly. There can be other probable reasons as well. Often, the unit gets overloaded, which means that lots of devicesContinue Reading
Microtek’s all Jumbo UPS are designed with cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and are incredible power backup solutions for your home and office. The JM 1250 UPS model is made with microcontroller based intelligent control design and are bundled with delicate features like CCCV technology with auto trickle mode, statusContinue Reading