Microtek Jumbo UPS JM 1250: All You Need to Know

Microtek’s all Jumbo UPS are designed with cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and are incredible power backup solutions for your home and office. The JM 1250 UPS model is made with microcontroller based intelligent control design and are bundled with delicate features like CCCV technology with auto trickle mode, status and fault display indicators, short […] Read more


Microtek UPS JM 2000VA : The Best Device to Beat Power Outages

Microtek is a leading, popular and well-known household brand in our nation. The reason behind its growing popularity is its manufacturing of different power products that meet your budget and requirement. The UPS JM 2000VA from Microtek is considered as the finest launch of this brand and is budget-friendly too. Specifically, this model has created […] Read more

In-depth Information about Solar Home Inverters

Possibly you don’t know about solar power completely or you may feel confused while looking at the solar rooftop projects in India. You may ask, how does a solar inverter work? Well, after reading this blog post, you will get the complete clarification of your queries. Let’s just start the discussion: Why do you need […] Read more

Say Goodbye to Nagging Power Cuts with Microtek UPS SWE2+ 715VA Home UPS

Are you disturbed by nagging and disturbing power cuts? Looking for a way out? Well, now you can say goodbye to the outages which are just robbing your mind peace. Now, buy Microtek UPS SWE2+ 715VA Home UPS which is a useful device that is amazingly designed with exclusive features and latest technology with auto […] Read more

Microtek UPS E2+ 715VA: Ultimate Energy Saving Home UPS

Depending on the latest state-of-art technology, the UPS E2+ 715VA Home UPS of Microtek makes sure reliability and high functionality. The power products from the house of Microtek have a renowned history to top the charts of client satisfaction. With its excellent features, this product also lives up to the users’ expectations. The UPS is […] Read more

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