Go Eco-Friendly with Microtek Solar UPS SS 1660

Solar power is a free energy source. We basically pay a huge amount on electricity bills. For bringing your power usage under control without cutting down on the use of equipment while being eco-friendly, you should invest in a solar UPS. The Microtek SS 1660 solar UPS is chosen by many people, who want to go environment-friendly. This digital signal control technology based device is highly effective. This device is integrated with a 30amp solar charge controller that converts the solar energy to electricity within a few minutes. Being a solar device, it features dual charging mode. As it utilises the solar charging against the usual mains, it supplies 98% effectiveness while keeping it low in your pocket. This device’s electricity management is really effective during power outages as it makes sure longer power backup by consuming power from both the solar panel and the storage. Its sleek design makes it easier to store.

Microtek Solar UPS SS 1660

Design and Technology:

This solar UPS is built on digital sine wave technology making it a strong device for managing computers, motors, pumps and air conditioners. It is based on the digital signal controller technology. With an external solar panel plugged with the UPS, it’s sleek in design. The easy power control factor boost technology enables it to effectively convert solar power to electricity. It has easy buttons for turning it on or off alongside an auto reset menu for clearing backups. This design definitely makes it preferable in many locations with longer outages such as rural areas where it controls both the monetary flow and the electricity.

Visual indicators and Control buttons:

The light indicator gives the signal of battery overload or discharge. It also sparks while switched on and off.

Battery charging and Management:

This Microtek UPS is highly an energy efficient product. It makes sure less power consumption from the mains. Thus, although it needs stable charging just approximately 10% of it comes from the mains and remaining is solar. The current of the solar panel is 30amp. It has a power factor controlled boost technology which helps maximise the device’s effectiveness by 98%.

Safety and Durability:

This solar UPS offers overvoltage protection which gives an indicator to the user for avoiding battery discharge. It controls overload of UPS at 110% and the short circuit at 300%. The auto reset features make it easier to use.

Power input and output:

This device consumes an input voltage of 100-260V. On mains, the output voltage is the same as the input. On the UPS, the output voltage is 210V.

Hence, you can see that how much this product efficient is. Bring home this solar UPS, and visit our official site if you want to know more about our products.

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