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Digital Stabilizer: A Reliable Mechanism against Voltage Fluctuation

Power supply altering in India belongs to one of the main problems which people can face. As the nation has shown huge growth in last decade, most of the houses are equipped with some electric equipment. It initiated more electricity production and supply, yet only having an electric connection does not make sure the constancy […] Read more


Microtek Voltage Stabilizers: In A Nutshell

Nowadays, it has become really common of having the voltage stabilizers for AC, LED TV, refrigerators, washing machines, music systems, micro ovens, furnace equipments etc. The main purpose of using a voltage stabilizer is protecting the home appliances from the risk of voltage fluctuations. The main reason behind it is that every electrical apparatus is […] Read more

Apr, 25, 2016



Does an LED TV Really Need A Voltage Stabilizer? Here’s What Microtek Says

Nowadays, voltage fluctuations have become really common in many places of our country, India. There is no doubt, that we at Microtek get lots of queries on the comment section of our blog page regarding power consumption, sizing and function of digital stabilizers. One of the biggest interests of people is that they think their […] Read more


Digital Stabilizers: The Neglected Hero of the Present Civilization

As a civilization, we greatly depend on technology; we utilize it for manufacturing, commuting, communicating and also for maintaining well-being. Since nothing would be probable without this electrical current, it is protected to accept we would scarcely keep going for a month without it. Sometimes we thank to God for the internet connection or something […] Read more


Stabilizers in India: The Big Solution of Power Problems

Stabilizer is an appliance which is utilized for maintaining something steady and stable. The stabilizers in India are manufactured for regulating the voltage fluctuation. Many stabilizers in India automatically work for maintaining a steady level of voltage to protect the electrical appliances against over voltage, under voltage, different levels of voltage and smoothing impulsive noise. […] Read more

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