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Installation of an Inverter Battery Backup System for a Sump Pump: Part – II

What is Your Requirement of Batteries? If you connect more batteries with your inverter/charger, you can keep your sump pump running for longer. This is one of the upsides of the particular way of an inverter/charger versus an UPS framework since you get the opportunity to choose how huge the framework should be and the […] Read more

Installation of an Inverter Battery Backup System for a Sump Pump: Part-I

There are two main elements included in a battery backup system used for a sump pump. They are: one or more batteries and an inverter or charger. The inverter has the main responsibility to convert the power which is preserved in the batteries into a specific form so that it can be utilized further by […] Read more

Jan, 18, 2016



Effective Method to Check Backup Time of Inverter Battery

Power consumption has become excessively high nowadays and as a result we basically suffer from power cuts frequently. Still, inverter came to us as a light of hope and thus there is no reason to worry about now. With its excellent performance, Microtek inverter has proved itself in the market. Even during the longest power […] Read more

Instructions to Choose Right Inverter Battery

Power cut has become the most frequent and common problem in a nation like India. At the same time, inverter is also essential for every home of our country. If you are planning to buy an inverter for home or your office, you also need to get the best battery along with it. So, buying […] Read more

Does Hot Temperature Cut Your Battery’s Life? Find in Detail

As Northern India’s temperature is going to cross 40 degrees Celsius, you shouldn’t just stress over keeping children indoor and hydrating yourself every now and again – there is something else in your home which needs your prompt consideration: Your batteries which together with inverter power your home amid power outages are at danger in […] Read more


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