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Explore in Detail about the Benefits of Lithium-Ion UPS Batteries (Part-2)

Lead-acid batteries are less temperature tolerant than Lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid requires a working surrounding of 20-25°C and for each 10% encompassing temperature increment above 30°C the outline life can divide. Lithium-ion batteries are less helpless to temperature variety. This has suggestions on cooling inside datacenters and where an UPS and its battery can be put. […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2015



Explore in Detail about the Benefits of Lithium-Ion UPS Batteries (Part-1)

The UPS systems were invented for the emerging computer and oil industries in 1950 to provide constant power supply to the mains and other appliances. In early days, this power supply was less reliable and was prone to some power related problems such as: surges, spikes, brownouts, spikes, electrical noise and transient. Today you get […] Read more


How to Choose Right UPS Systems for Your Data Centers

A UPS provides continuous power supply and it is basically the linchpin of the backup chain of the data centers. It provides major protection against all type of disruptions related to power which is created by the overload of the devices. Selecting the right one is critical. The size, characteristics and performance of the UPS […] Read more


Some Useful FAQs about Power Inverter and UPS

Some frequently asked questions and their answers are below related to UPS and Power inverters: What do you mean by a UPS? UPS denotes uninterruptible power supply which is utilized to give reinforcement amid power outage or brownout. Each substantial server is secured by joining UPS. How many types of UPS are there? There are […] Read more

Dec, 01, 2015



Get the Solutions for Some Problems Related to Home UPS & Inverter

Sometimes UPS or power inverters get affected with some problems. In this blog, we will discuss about the possible remedies of these problems by which you can fix these types of problems. UPS or inverter both are taken as uninterruptible power backup source. So, their problems are related to each other. Find the solutions for […] Read more

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