Know How an Inverter Functions in a Laptop

We know that inverter is a device which has many electric circuit boards to convert Direct current to alternating current. They are typically put behind the LCD show in a Laptop. This circuit invigorates the lighting framework on a portable workstation screen. There are 3 parts in a laptop’s screen: the LCD screen, the light […] Read more

Oct, 28, 2015



Useful FAQs about UPS Battery Maintenance

In industry it is a well known fact that battery is an important part of UPS. If the battery fails then the UPS gets damaged. Knowing how to maintain a UPS battery can not only extend the lifespan of the battery but also can help in preventing the wastage of money. Nowadays the lead acid […] Read more

Oct, 27, 2015



Essential Tips to Know Before Buying Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizer is a basic bit of gear that spares the most costly electrical machines at homes and workplaces. Air conditioners, Refrigerators, PCs and numerous other such apparatuses need to have voltage stabilizers or controllers as vital segments. The nature of a voltage controller is subordinate upon various variables. Individuals generally searching for voltage stabilizers […] Read more


Safety Precautions and Guidelines for Inverters

We have already understood that inverter is really essential in our life. Therefore, we must take care of this wonderful electronic appliance. By this way it can provide an excellent performance to us. Thus, we must remember of the safety of the inverter. When we purchase an inverter we should take care of its safety […] Read more


Select the Best Microtek Battery for your Inverter

Microtek for long now has its own inverter and inverter battery also. With the alternative of blend and match accessible in the middle of inverters and batteries, ought to one purchase a battery of the same brand as the inverter, or ought to one blend and match? On the off chance that you have fought […] Read more

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