Use Your Common Sense and Let Your Inverter Maximise Its Life

Acquiring the proper knowledge regarding inverter protection not just highly maximises the inverter’s service life, but also eliminates production cost and enhance production proficiency. During the product procedure, we ignore so many things written in the user manual, but it’s really essential. If you master the key knowledge of protection and apply it to the […] Read more

Dec, 30, 2016



Microtek Solar UPS SS 1130: Explore In Detail

This particularly made Microtek solar UPS SS 1130 gives power backup to all PCs and comes combined with an inbuilt 30amp solar charge controller. The controller enables the UPS for converting the solar energy into electric energy. It has solar and mains dual charging mode which make it an ideal choice for rural locations or […] Read more


Go Eco-Friendly with Microtek Solar UPS SS 1660

Solar power is a free energy source. We basically pay a huge amount on electricity bills. For bringing your power usage under control without cutting down on the use of equipment while being eco-friendly, you should invest in a solar UPS. The Microtek SS 1660 solar UPS is chosen by many people, who want to […] Read more

Top Tips on Choosing Voltage Stabilizer with High Performance

Do you know what the basic need for the effective functionality of electrical devices is? Well, it’s a power which helps appliances perform their work smoothly without any intrusion. Do you also deal with continuous power cuts? Do you know it is harmful to your devices and even for your employees’ life? Don’t be shocked […] Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Price and Features of UPS Battery

A UPS can offer power backup during blackouts or outages. Computers need one so that power outages or voltage fluctuations don’t damage the sophisticated devices inside it. Hospitals, data centres and other institutions require it too. Continuous and uninterrupted power supply is required for these institutions because their work depends on it. In fact, homes […] Read more

Dec, 21, 2016



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